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Meet Victoria

Thank you so very much for visiting!

Born in Central Canada, Victoria was raised in a small Manitoba town circa the '80s and '90s. Victoria was a very spiritually inclined youth and was always finding herself in a church intrigued by the energy of it. Soon after graduating high school Victoria became a mother and learned life wasn't just about her anymore. When her son was born she was far from prepared for anything that life was about to bring her way; so she struggled, quite profoundly.

She has experienced a wide array of lessons and has cultivated the desire to help intuitively guide others who desire support on their unique path. She enjoys holding space for insight and clarity to work through and make its way to the surface, which causes excitement and profound realizations much of the time.

Victoria is highly empathic, meaning she can feel the energy of others very acutely. Victoria has cultivated a high emotional intelligence and combined with her deep understanding of interpersonal relationships we are able to have more perspective and understanding of challenging situations.

Victoria has her B.A. in Conflict Resolution Studies from The University of Winnipeg, a Mediation for Professionals Certification from Winnipeg Herzing College, and is also an Adler International Trained Advanced Coach. (

Victoria's interests are lifelong learning, wellness, writing, film work, creativity, art, music, playing & watching sports, Anime/cartoons, film/movies/TV shows, humor, witty banter, history, science, "spirituality"/religion, culture, travel, hiking, exploring, food, meeting new people, friends, and family!

Victoria would love to work with you to help you get solid on your values, create and hold healthy boundaries, create more connections, have more fulfilling relationships and interactions, and really enjoy day-to-day life much more!

Victoria is committed to making this coaching affordable to everyone using a sliding scale, and no contracts required!

About Victoria: Welcome
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